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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

This is where my heart belongs - this is where my heart belongs.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tutorial: Restore Firefox Bookmark

This tutorial guides you on the process to restore firefox's bookmarks. It is important to act QUICK. If your bookmarks has been corrupted / broken for more than 5 days, your chances of recovering it is slimmer. I'm running on Windows XP. Therefore, some instructions or folders may be different if you're running on a different operating system.

Firstly, startup the 'Run' command (Start button --> Run). Type "%APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox" into the box and click "OK" (as shown in Figure 1).

Figure 1

If no error occurs, a folder will open as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

Proceed by opening the "Profiles" folder until you've entered a folder named "bookmarkbackups" (as shown in Figure 3). Here is where your previous 5 days backup of bookmark is stored.

Figure 3

Each file is named as such "bookmarks-(backup-date)". Start by opening the latest date available and check if that file is working. A corrupted file may be empty, or may contain non-alphanumeric characters. If the file is corrupted, try the next latest date, until you found one that is working. A working file will list all your previous bookmarks accordingly.

Once you've found a working backup file, you may restore your bookmarks using one of the following 2 options below:

1. In Firefox, open the Bookmarks Manager (Bookmarks --> Organize Bookmarks...). Open the following menu (File --> Import). Select the "From File" option and click "Next". Select the working backup file, and proceed.

2. Note: All current bookmarks will be lost. Choose option 1 if you've any bookmarks you would like to keep.

Close all Firefox browser. Rename the backup file to "bookmarks.html". Next, copy and overwrite the backup file to the parent directory which contains another "bookmarks.html" file (which is your current bookmark).

Eg: Copy and overwrite "bookmarks.html" from "...\Profiles\by8e3pfj.default\bookmarkbackups" to "...\Profiles\by8e3pfj.default".

If you're using a different operating system from Windows XP, click here to find out where your backup bookmarks folder is located.

For more information, read this.

There you have it. Hope this tutorial helps.

Lost and Found

My brother just came back from KL, for the CNY holidays. I told him about my Firefox bookmark problem, and his response was, "Why not you try to google for 'restore firefox bookmark'?". And that was when I realize how silly I was for not being able to think of that earlier.

So I googled it and sure enough, there was a solution for it. It appears that Firefox makes a daily backup of the bookmark and stores it in a folder. However, it will only keep the previous 5 days backups. This means that if I had this problem for more than 5 days, my 'good' bookmark would have been lost.....(this time...really)..... FOREVER.

I will put together a tutorial of how to restore Firefox bookmark if it has been corrupted. Check out my next blog.

Arggghhhh....just when I thought that I don't need to spend time organizing my old bookmark. But of course, I'm happy that my collection of bookmarks is restored now! :-)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Lost them....ALL of them

I'm furious. Came back, and noticed all...I do mean..ALL my Firefox bookmarks are G-O-N-E!!! EVERYTHING....gone.

If I'm not mistaken...I was using Firefox version 2.0. But now it's 2.0.01. Someone must have used the computer, and upgraded the program, and somehow crashed my bookmark file. Now everything is lost. If that's not bad enough, I'm having trouble bookmarking now....which is troublesome. I guess I'll need to reinstall it again. Hopefully that will solve the problem.

I really can't believe it. All my important sites that I've bookmarked, for all gone. There must be over a hundred sites in it....some fresh...however mostly obsolete. Just a week ago I realize I needed to manage my bookmark by deleting old, unused sites, and organizing the others in meaningful categories. However, due to severe laziness, I didn't. haha. Even if I did, it would be tough to delete the bookmarks that I won't be using now, but feel that I 'might' need it in the future (which I probably won't need it anyway).

Oh well...I guess this 'accident' could be a blessing after all. Instead of going through each bookmark, and deciding whether to keep, or to delete it, now I'll be starting with a new, fresh, EMPTY bookmark. That saves a lot of work doesn't it? Yippeee!!!!! :-D

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gift of sight

Article "Gift of sight", taken from The Star (StarTwo, Tuesday 13 February 2007):

Have a (or a few) pair of old spectacles collecting dust some where in your home? Instead of throwing it away, or letting it rot, why not donate it? A collaborative project between Lions Club and the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) has prepared 32 collection centers in Petaling Jaya for your convenience to give away your old spectacles.

Don't throw away your old spectacles. Donate it! So that some under-privileged people may have a chance to use it. The list of collection centers is shown below.

Quoted from TheStar:
Drop-off centres

MBPJ HQ, Menara MBPJ, DJROA Community Recycling Centre, Ming Tien Food Court in Taman Megah, Taman Megah RA, Magnum in Taman Megah, Taman Mayang Jaya RA, Morning Market SS2/63 (in front of MJ restaurant), Lovely Disabled Home in SS2, PJCC at Jalan 17/21, London Optical in Damansara Utama, Malaya Optical at Jalan Yong Shook Lin, RA Section 5 (Photo Shop of Jalan Chantek), SK Sri Kelana, RT Jalan Carey, RT Section 1A, RT SS5, Komuniti Link at Summit Shopping Centre, Saujana Apartment RA in Damansara Damai, RT Kampung Chempaka, JKKK Kampung Kayu Ara, Beautiful Gate at Jalan SS2/24, RA SS3, Klinik Huang in SS3, RT Sea Park, Clinic MBPJ, RT Section 4A, MBPJ Landscape Department in Taman Bandaran Kelana Jaya, Hotel Lisa De Inn, Hotel PJ De Inn and Komuniti Link in ICT Centre at Jalan 17/1A.

RA: Residents Association
RT: Rukun Tetangga

For further details or donation in bulk, contact Lee Lih Shyan at 012-2081489.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

NEW Google Logo!!!

Google must be one of the MOST accessed pages on the Internet. As usual, I found myself going there to search for something. That's when I noticed something new, and different...yet odd.

It's very obvious that they've uploaded a new logo (for Valentine's Day), like what they normally do. They usually changes their logo whenever there's a special occasion. My first impression about the logo was, it's quite a simple and nice idea...replacing the 'g' with a strawberry coated in chocolates....just makes me wanna have some. haha. However, like I've said earlier, it felt odd.

Took me a few seconds to notice what's wrong with it. You notice anything oddly wrong with the new logo?? Have a look.

Then it strike me like.... WTF???

Where's the 'l'?? It's spelled Googe, instead of Google. Some probably might argue that the 'green stick' part of the strawberry may form the 'l'. However, that would be a little too 'forceful' don't you think?

Either someone messed up BIG TIME....or probably cupid was a little hungry?


Man sues wife for NO SEX

I just finished reading an article online. Pretty darn ridiculous if you ask me. The whole story goes something like this:

A man and lady got to know each other through a matchmaker. After dating for 3 months, they finally planned to get married. But not without a contract. The contract states that the sole 'purpose' of the marriage was just for procreation(having babies). And that they'll be sleeping separately after they've consummated(had sexual intercourse). However...

On the wedding night, Lin slept fully dressed and wrapped with a quilt, the daily said, without citing any sources.

When Chen tried to sleep with her, the report said, she pushed him away shouting: "You are ridiculous!"

I mean like... WTF???

Why would anyone want to get married, have kids, but wouldn't have sex, and definitely not sleep with the husband? Why not just go to a sperm bank?

They've been together for a year without consummating. The man got so fed up, asked for a divorce, and sued his 'wife'. And guess what? He WON!

To read the full article, click here.